What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled?

You might have never faced a situation of flight delay or cancellation, but you will have surely heard of these stories from family members or friends. So what happens to the loss of both time and money that the passengers faced? The EU has a list of conditions and rules that point out the rights of passengers and the responsibilities of airlines when it comes to flight delays. The rules apply to all EU flights, airlines flying into an EU airport and EU airline operators flying out of the EU.

Filing flight delay compensation claims

When your flight is delayed for over three hours in case of a short haul flight (within 3500 km) or four hours in a long haul flight (over 3500 km), and it is the airline’s fault, you are entitled to make airline compensation claims. The airline will have to pay you for the inconvenience. The only issue here is that a very small percentage of those who are liable to receive the money – 2% in the last ten years – have filed in for airline compensation claims. That has left 3.2 billion, unclaimed. Even those who do know their rights, most often are rejected by airlines.

Coping With Airport Delays Without Losing Your Patience

For travelers, if you have ways to cope with flight delays at the airport, you will be able to keep busy and make sure your kids do not get too scared. There could be good reasons for flight delays such as the enormous amount of snowfall and dangerous conditions. This was a crisis in some places as there was little food in some of the facilities. However, hiring makes a big difference in coping with a difficult situation.

There is no crisis like the holiday weekend. One of the best things you can do in less extreme conditions is to walk in the area you are waiting in and see what you can do in the terminal. Most of the time, you’ll find that airports have a range of shops and shops to browse through. Depending on where the airport is located, there may even be small bookstores and other similar places to scan while waiting. Of course, there is always the opportunity to get something to eat while you wait, so you should think about it before you give up hope.

Keep calm and be patient is one of the most important things you can do when your flight is late. You should keep in mind that some things can go awry during flights, especially in winter. This includes weather that airplanes do not reach their destinations on time or are transported from one section of the airport to the next. For a passenger, there is always an alternative to taking another flight at another airport. If you are looking for a meeting, you may even reach your destination in time. Some airlines have reciprocal relationships with other airlines and bring them into the aircraft of another company.

Before you go to the airport for your trip, make sure you have plenty of things to do, such as an iPad, so that you can listen to music or a book to read. The chances are that your kids have some mobile device, whether it’s a phone or video games they can use to chat. But remember to bring extra batteries and try to bring enough items, so the kids do not argue about them.

Knowing how to handle these types of delays properly is polite to those who try to help you, including ticket customers and those who work in the immediate area. If you have not brought anything to keep you or your kids busy, it’s a good idea to explore the part of the airport where you are, because the odds are good. Some terminals have museums, art galleries, information centers and meditation rooms.

Whom can you contact for assistance in flight delay compensation claims?

The airline company should be the first level of contact. Each operator has its own grievance redressal body which should take you through the process. However, it cannot be expected to be very helpful since it works for the airline. For the most part, it will respond with a statement that comes with fine print and is stooped deep in legal jargon. In which case, you are unlikely to understand what is written. The next step is to file flight delay compensation claim with the national enforcement body. While it looks and sounds like a good option on the outset, trying to get something done through an apex government organisation can be likened to throwing a wet sock at a brick wall, expecting it to bounce back.

Professional agencies and flight delay compensation claims.

A viable alternative to getting your airline compensation claims passed with a higher rate of success is hiring an agency to do it for you. Large airline operators have, at their disposal experienced legal teams with top-notch lawyers who are trained through experience in this kind of cases. When you speak to an airline compensation claims agency, all you have to do is give a few details about the flight you were on, and they will tell you right away if you are entitled to a claim or not. If you can, then they will handle all the groundwork and make sure you are compensated.

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