The Great Secret Behind Every Successful Reward Programs

It’s currently two months down the line since the year started. Most probably you had a new year’s resolution list and you are really working hard on making things happen as expected. Lets narrow it done to your businesses new year resolutions list. As a business person how many new customers have you gained? Depending on what your business entails, let’s say fortunately, you have quite a good number by your side. However, that’s not the end; you need to keep your customers to avoid last minute withdrawal or even giving them room for any doubt. What is that one thing you need? Basically, it is loyalty. You need to be loyal to your customers and meet their needs.

How Do I Go About That?

At this point am sure you must be asking yourself this one question: how can I gain full customer loyalty? Worry less, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the things you need to focus on and after accomplishing them you will surely achieve the best this year.

1. Make Your Mobile Reward Program more Efficient.

The biggest percentage of businesses uses mobile phones to enhance their reward program. research has been done and it has been concluded that at least 60% of people in the world have smart phones so having them as your customers brings you more profits.

How Do I Make It Happen?

Ensure your reward programis optimized in such a way that it is not only responsive but also delivers the best mobile design. It should fit your mobile screen and run at its best when being navigated by your customers. Ensure you also link applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger so that one can share links with other people through the respective social media platforms.
If this may seem hard for you, how about consulting or partnering with Edenred Company. They are very efficient and good at enabling you accomplish the above. They do offer program mechanics and designs, data architecture, system design, process design and definition. This will most probably incur you some amount of money. However, their services are pocket friendly so do make a point of visiting their site ( and get help.

2. Have an easy to understand reward program.

A friendof mine once told me that he makes hard to crack programs so that he can bring out the best of his skills to his customers. This made me curious and I went a step furtherand asked him how many customers understand his work. His reply was a little bit hesitant butcome to think of it, if you were a customer and you are really busy, what program would you prefer? The hard one or the easy one? Our answers might defer but sincerely, 90% would prefer the reward program that is well defined and easy to comprehend. Do not confuse your customers. Remember you are working towards maintaining their loyalty. Make sure that after your customers go through your reward program they should:
– Be able to know which rewards are available.
– at least have earned one or even more rewards.
– Be excited about you are able to offerthem. Make them yearn for more and more.

3. Top up your perks and rewards.

It is the nature of us humans to participate in brand rewards. This becomes an added advantage to you as a business person since people get a chance to interact with your brand. This adds you more profit and brings you more customers who did not know your brand. This also isolates you from the rest of your competitors since there is much competition in thebusinessworld today. Make your reward irresistible and definitely make it hit your target audience. Let the rewards be of a variety so that it might meet the desire of various customers since people have different tastes.

4. Do Program Promotions.

This will clearly improve your engagements and redemption rates. Ensure your customers are clearly aware of your program.

How Do I accomplish that?

Statistics show it that in most businesses the most preferred mode of engaging your customers is by emailing them. Make a point of making them aware of the number of points they have and how they can redeem them. You can also forward your campaigns based on your program to make them understand you better. Be super creative when creating your mail so that you make it irresistible and more eye- catching.

5. Appreciate your customer referrals.

Promising your customers a reward, after telling someone about your brand and making them want to join your reward program, is a bonus point for you. If it were me, I would do all I can to make my friends and family want to join your reward program. This is because I know there is something in store for me. By the end of the day you will have more customers wanting to know more about your business. People mostly trust their friends more when they are passing the information about a brand compared to thebrand doing the same. So ensure that referral programs are part of your strategy.

By any chance you are stranded on where to kick off or who to consult; I still insist that you should work with the Edenred Company. They give the best service you need at an affordableprice. Bearing in mind that our topic is all about loyalty, the company has being dealing with that professionally for over thirty year now. When it comes to rewards and incentives they do offer:
– Standardized and customized relationship marketing services for loyalty.
– Incentives programs.
– Rewards programs.
– They will work with you to nurture and sustain strong relationships with your customers. Working with them will be worth the price so do not hesitate to call them incase of anything


What else are you looking for? Loyalty is the way to go this year. Having that as a foundation in your business will enable you either makes your name known out there or has your brand strong enough. Apply the steps above and you’ll surely achieve great profits and goals by the end of this year.

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