Kiasu is a Winning Trait That Saves You Money

So many people do not know the meaning of being a kiasu. They tend to ask themselves this question now and again. In Singapore, this word kiasu has been used to mean a persons who usually wins. This person may win small things such getting a good deal in certain company or organization, he may also win bigger deals such buying a car or house they have been dreaming of for many years.

Kiasu can also be used to mean a person who wishes to ahead of everyone at all times. If you do not have that mind of wishing to be kiasu, then there are high that you are not a resident of Singapore
You will be in a better position of being ahead compared with your colleagues if you exploit your kiasu trait very well.

You will have a chance to have more money

At the 20s is the age when you may have little responsibility in that you may think to feel that it is time to enjoy. The kiasu individuals do not think that spending money on a plan is the best solution. When you have that mindset, you will be on the journey of increasing your money.

If you know the benefits of money in the early ages, you can take a step and choose a financial institution that gives you a good interest rate. After that you will set some amount of money from the salary that you will save, buy insurance premiums and even use a credit card from this institution which will enable you to grow financially.

At some point, you can also decide to invest your money in good endowment plan that has a good return that has been guaranteed. Since you are a young employee it can be difficult to set aside some money every to pay that plan; experts recommend that you can start to pay even $ 100 per month.

By the time you would be 30 years and above you would have saved a large amount of money. Since you are so a kiasu, this will make you to budget and look for ways on how to invest the money that you would have saved in your 20s.

You are in better chance of being successful

When you spend more time in reading about the people who have succeeded in life you will be at the core of being a kiasu as you will attempt to develop the traits exhibited by this individuals. Take an example of Uniqlo, the founder of Tadashi Yanai in Singapore who at one point said it is not good to say when we engage in Olympics we usually aim to be awarded a bronze medal. For many us we say that we want do try to our level best so that we can be awarded a gold medal.

While participating in the game, you will have grit, luck and be smart. This will enable you to develop a sense of wishing to stay at the top of the game; this will make you stand at the best position of winning the game compared to your competitors.

You will be ready to do anything

As we have seen from above is that if you are a kiasu in Singapore, you will feel good among your colleagues. It can be a blessing to you if a crisis befalls you. Normally not many like to be affected by natural disaster since you are a kiasu you could hear a face this issues with a lot of courage and enthusiasm as you could know how to handle such unexpected events.

In this, you could have sought insurance cover to cover such calamities, set aside some emergency funds to assist you in such need times and you could have even bought some equipment to help you handle situations. You can even seek emergency experts who can give you advice on how to take unexpected events that do happen at any time in our lives.

Whatever you want you to get if faster

The kiasu individuals usually start developing a strategic plan of owning their dream before they turn 22 years old. But some people think this idea as being just a dream which can be impossible to achieve at that age.

In this life as young man/woman, if you wish that at one you will leave your parents and stay on your own may be with your partner, you will start to figure out on the steps that you can take so that you can own a house.

For instance, you can decide to take a bank loan from Singapore financial institutions to finance your project which may require you to pay like 15% of your salary and the rest in some monthly installments. Since you are a good planner, you will try to save well on the hand try to maintain your job in a stable manner.

At the end of the day when you colleagues are struggling to build their first home by borrowing funds, in your case you will be in a better position of building even large apartments since you could have saved enough funds.

You can get a good deal

At some point in life, you find that you are receiving a lot of spam in your inbox from different marketing organisations. This will mean that you are the first person to get the information about the best bargains in Singapore such as grab promo codes, Zalora credit card promotions and Starbucks 1 for 1 deals.
This will also mean that you have become the best game player in that you could have mastered good deals that are offered for instance the time when Singapore airlines do announce to their clients when they offer promotional tickets.This will mean that you are the first person to have browsed online and looked at the most sought flights.

All these will enable to acquire some money which you can save in your account, and you also be popular among your friends.

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