Instant Gratification is Personal Finance’s Number One Nemesis

Instant Gratification Is Making You Poor.

Most of us have important goals that we hope to accomplish. Our intentions are good and our plans are often well thought out and well focused. We move ahead quickly towards accomplishing what we set out to do, but then all too soon we falter, stop and maybe even give up. Why? Because our instant efforts have not produced instant results. We get too tied up in finding that instant gratification that equates to success. But rarely will we ever see results as soon as we would like. So how do we keep moving forward while waiting to see results? How do we learn to wait patiently for some sign of success? How do we stay motivated to continue when human nature says that such a slow return on our investment must be a sure sign that our plans and goals are flawed? The answer is really quite simple. We need to better understand how the whole process works; in other words, we have to learn to accept how the principles of effort and return really work. If we were to look at a graph depicting the rate of effort compared to return, we would see that the line for the effort is much steeper than the line for a return. In any project we undertake, all of the work and effort goes in at the beginning.

The Eternal Struggle Against Instant Gratification.

As you invest more time and effort, the results begin to build, slowly at first but increasing as the project moves along. It is at this point that we really need to practice patience. In order to see a project through to its completion, and actually see the return on our investment, we have to develop an “investment attitude”. By developing this type of awareness and understanding, we can better prepare ourselves for the necessary efforts we have to put forth. All successful people, especially leaders, need to remember that the most important investment you will ultimately make is in yourself. Give every project your best effort and be patient. Don’t expect results right away, either from your projects or your people. Remain confident that your ideas are sound, and your goals attainable. Know in your mind that the results you are seeking will come. Regardless of how things may sometimes appear, there is never such a thing as “all of a sudden.” Successes, and even failures, generally happen over longer periods of time than we realize.

Instant Gratification makes you lose a lot of money by:

– Buying things that you cannot use
– Having improper time selling
– Using credit cards unnecessarily
– Making unconscious purchases
– Paying More for Unnecessary Speed

Using credit cards unnecessarily.

Card debt is a serious problem that is caused when the clients of a credit card company failed to make the payments for any kind of purchase made by him. The debt slowly increases due to the addition of interest and penalty and ultimately it becomes difficult to come out of the debt. Many turns to licensed money lender such as Credit Excel to clear debs but debts just keep snowballing.

Here are few tips that will help you in avoiding credit card debt.

The first and the most important thing that you need to do, to avoid card credit debt is to limit purchase. You should always use your card to purchase things that are within your reach, even thou the credit limit of your card is higher. If the purchase amount is higher than your affordability, then it will take long to pay off and you will also be paying a large amount of interest, which will make your purchase costlier that its original price.

Buying things that you cannot use.

Only buy your supplies from a trustworthy company that has a long record of providing massage tables that have been through a rigid program of safety testing. For your own liability protection and for the benefit of the clients, there is absolutely no room for compromise on this issue.As the buyer aim at relevancy on where you are buying the product.

Making unconscious purchases.

People from Singapore today are more value-driven than ever! We’re buying fewer goods, but we’re paying more attention to the value of what we buy and the value we receive for the hard-earned money we spend or get from moneylenders. Most of the people buying products are not sure why they are buying the product. It’s not enough to simply find the lowest price anymore! Consumers are also asking of the quality: Is it exactly what I need? Will it last a long time? Will I need to change it within just a few years or will I stay happy with it over the long term?

Paying More for Unnecessary Speed.

Other than the fact that we always end up living beyond our means, our friends can make us even more big spenders whenever we are surrounded by them. Sometimes we may simply take an exorbitant holiday out of sheer pressure from the friends. All this may result in a major depletion of our funds during a time when we should be ideally saving. The economic downturn had already wreaked havoc on our finances and the effects are still lingering. With a large burden of pay day loan debts and other financial obligations, we should try to avoid overspending; the only thing that we can think of right now is to spend money for regular spending. For us weekends are enchanting opportunities for spending money; but in circumstances when we have set financial goals to get out of debt, it is necessary to have control on our finances. Whatever may be the purpose, the binge spending habits should be taken care of if we are waiting for the desired results in our finances.

How Can You Control the Need for Instant Gratification?

Change often begins to happen before its effects can actually be seen. The important thing is to stay focused on your goals. Keep working at them and keep putting in the effort. Concentrate on putting in the required work each and every day, knowing that eventually, the big results you are aiming for will happen.

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